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Bike trails at Lipno - Jezerní I bike trail

Jezerní I bike trail Jezerní II bike trail Tomášská bike trail

Lipno – Frymburk – Frýdava – Přední Výtoň – Lipno

Start / Destination: APL parking lot
Distance: 19,8 km
Duration of ride: 50-60 min.
Terrain: tarmac – trekking/mountain bike

Characteristics: basic bike route used by every biker who visits the Lipno region. Undemanding route suitable even for small bikers. ATTENTION: the route from Frýdava to Přední Výtoň runs along a public road. Increased caution must be maintained. From Přední Výtoň further along a new right-bank bike trail.

Route description: along the Jezerní bike trail to Frymburk, in Frymburk past the bridge turn right down to the ferry, take a ferry to Frýdava, then to the left to Přední Výtoň, towards Lipno/Vyšší Brod at the roundabout, to the left over the dike and after the dike again to the left to the Jezerní bike trail back to Lipno.


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