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Bike trails at Lipno - Tomášská bike trail

Jezerní I bike trail Jezerní II bike trail Tomášská bike trail

Lipno – Lipno dam – Přední Výtoň – Svatý Tomáš – U Korandy – Frýdava – Frymburk – Lipno

Start / destination: APL parking lot
Distance: about 40km
Duration of ride: about 3 hours
Terrain: tarmac, gravel, forest track – trekking/mountain bike

Characteristics: because of its characteristics, this route is suitable for intermediate bikers, can also be used for an all-day trip (according to the length and number of stops). The route runs mostly along bike trails or roads with a minimum of traffic. There is a more demanding climb from Přední Výtoň to Svatý Tomáš.

Route description: from the APL parking lot onto the Jezerní bike trail and then to the left to the dike, then over the dike and to the right along the public road to Přední Výtoň, turn right at the roundabout and after approx. 80m to the left and then keep to the left side along the new tarmac road slightly up the hill to the end of Přední Výtoň, keep going up the hill along the tarmac road to the big Pod Plešným crossroads, here take a left onto the gravel forest road, keep to the left and over the contour line to the end of the road, then along a forest track following the red tourist marking to the Uhliště crossing, over the main road around a parking lot straight along a tarmac road (the red tourist route turns to the left), take a left at the first crossing along the tarmac to the steep hill up to Svatý Tomáš, straight up the hill to Vítkův hrádek, (bikes can be locked in the parking lot by the church or pushed, the following 400 metres up the hill is very difficult to ride), after the tour take a right by hotel Sv. Tomáš along the tarmac road down the hill and then straight along the forest road “Janova cesta”, then take a left onto the forest road “Růžová cesta” to the “U Korandy” crossroads, then to the right along bike trail no. 1019 to the U mostu crossing, then turn right and along bike trail no. 1019 to Frýdava, here take a ferry to Frymburk and at the ferry take a right and go back to Lipno along the Jezerní bike trail.

Attractions on the route:
Lipno dike: the longest earth dam in the Czech Republic
Svatý Tomáš: settlement in the former borderlands, newly reconstructed church from the 1st half of the 14th century
Vítkův hrádek: ruins of the highest located castle in the Czech Republic, with a beautiful reconstructed lookout point with a vista of Bohemia and neighbouring Austria
U Korandy: ghost town, possibility to see Schwarzenberg canal
Frymburk-Frýdava Ferry: one of three Lipno ferries with a length of about 400 metres

Cycling track - Tomášská


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