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Teambuilding is based on strategic and tactical games which support team cooperation. The programme is supplemented with activities focused on solving problems, quick decision-making and finding out-of-the-box solutions.

What is the goal of teambuilding?

  • Developing relationships, bringing the team together, increasing motivation and understanding team roles
  • Conscious and focused work with the team so it can fully utilize every member
  • Focus on developing cooperation, managing challenging situations, effective work and communication

Teambuilding is ideal for:

  • Any work groups of 5 to 50 members
  • New teams in which a significant change of their composition has occurred
  • Stagnating teams where there is a need to overcome certain problems
  • Routine teams which are expecting new projects
  • Long-term functioning and high-performance teams that are dealing with the individual needs of individuals
  • Teams that actively strive to develop themselves

When putting together an event we will offer and provide:

  • Accommodation from inexpensive to top-quality accommodation
  • Eating and catering
  • Premises for trainings and meetings, including technical equipment
  • Local transportation
  • Supporting programme - leisure-time, adrenaline activities and evening entertainment programmes, including the hire of seasonal sports equipment (river sailing, horse-riding, trips to surroundings, electric boats, sailboats, cycling, in-line skating, squash, tennis, downhill and cross-country skiing, skating on a groomed natural course on Lake Lipno, wellness and much more)

What will you get?

  • A more motivated team that sticks together
  • Shared unforgettable experiences, relaxation and fun
  • Alternative of an employee benefit
  • A tradition everyone will look forward to

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