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Sports equipment to hire

Lipno is an ideal destination for the handicapped. Many activities are available thanks to equipment that can be hired from INTERSPORT Rent rentals.

  • Skiing on a monoski with stabilizers (skis in hands) can be done with an instructor or on one’s own - there are 3 sets available (1 for children, 2 for adults)
  • Special sports cart with skis – can be pushed or pulled (e.g., for cross-country skis or skates)
  • When skiing it is possible to borrow hands-free sets for easy communication
  • Tandem bike – 2 pcs /1 pc with lowered frame for children/
  • Handbike - 2 pcs /1 modified for quadriplegics/
  • Electric boat
  • Special sports cart – to tow behind a bike or tandem bike or can be used as a stroller
  • Pool with a lift for easy access to the water

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