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On a scooter from the Treetop Walkway

Visit Lipno Treetop Walkway, stand still for a few moments and look around you at the surroundings - it is definitely worth it!

Duration of the trip: 3 hours

  • Park in the free Active Park Lipno parking lot
  • You can take our Lipno Express chairlift to get to the top
  • You can come back down on one of our scooters; the rental is right at the top of Kramolín

My experience:

  1. Lipno Express chairlift
  2. Lipno Treetop Walkway
  3. An unrepeatable descent to Lipno on scooters

Extra tip:

Try out the scooter in free terrain and try to ride it in our Bikepark Lipno. It requires experience though. Did you enjoy the scooter ride? You can try more rides.

Did you know?

...our scooters are among the best in the Czech market. It is not a classic scooter that you know from shops.

On a scooter from the Treetop Walkway

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