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Sightseeing cruises on a boat

Regular round trips from Lipno and Frymburk

Duration of the trip: 3 hours

  • Park at the parking lot right in the dock or take a 5-minute walk from the chairlift.
  • Come and see how big the “Southern Bohemian sea” really is
  • The surface of the Lipno dam will offer you an unforgettable view.
  • Bike trip with a ride on the Vltava boat.
  • Great service and refreshments in bars on the boat.

My experience:

  1. Party with BBQ on a sunny deck

Extra tip:

Romantic evening trips with live music and supper.

Did you know?

...boat transport has been operating on the Lipno dam since 1960 and since that time the Vltava boat has sailed on Lipno waters. In the year 2012, the boat Adalbert Stifter was delivered, which holds up to 250 passengers.

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