The longest skating track in the world - accomodation, services, infocentrum Adventures 17 tips for awesome trips The longest skating track in the world

The longest skating track in the world

A popular activity in winter months is skating on the frozen Lipno, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad

Duration of the trip: 1 week

  • Lake Lipno freezes over from December to March
  • As soon as the ice reaches a safe thickness, the best skating track in the Czech Republic with a length of over 11 km is regularly groomed between Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk.
  • The skating track is 6-8 metres wide and entry is free
  • It is the longest natural skating track in the world that is regularly groomed
  • Cross-country skiing on the frozen Lipno is also possible

My experience:

Combining skiing and skating is only possible at Lipno, just as is having an up to 11 km long trip on skates

Extra tip:

The starting point of the skating track is by the Captaincy of the Marina Lipno dock. There you can borrow skates.

Did you know?

The skating track is groomed with a special machine which is even able to float. Ice is regularly measured to ensure 100% safety of skaters.

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