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The beautiful South Bohemian town of Frymburk lies in the Bohemian Forest foothills at an altitude of 730 m a.s.l. Its exceptional location is unique – it stretches over a peninsula of the left bank of the Lipno water reservoir. Therefore, it is surrounded by the waters of “Bohemian Forest sea” and at the same time lies near the Austrian border. 10 kilometres from Frymburk you can cross the state border through the Guglwald/Přední Výtoň crossing point. Frymburk was founded as a trading village at the end of the 13th century. It was located on a trade route from Upper Austria to Český Krumlov. Prehistoric findings reveal a settlement existed 8 to 10 thousand years BC. In 1379 Frymburk was first granted town status and in the 16th century a municipal brewery was founded.


Township of Frymburk

Phone: 380 735 114
Address: Náměstí 78,
382 79 Frymburk
fax: 380 735 143

Městys Frymburk

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