Horní Planá
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Horní Planá

The town Horní Planá lies in the Southern Bohemia at Bohemian Forest foothills on the left bank of Lake Lipno at an altitude of 726 – 914 m a.s.l. More than 2,200 inhabitants live here. Untouched nature, a beautiful lake and many charming views of the landscape and picturesque nooks are a great attraction for many tourists. There are hotels, guest-houses, private accommodation, cottages and apartments for them offering a total capacity of 2,400 beds. Fans of camping will also find plenty of places to say. Pubs and restaurants offer Czech and European cuisines. Everything is within reach, as transport accessibility (by car, train, bus) is excellent. Visitors to the town can park their cars right on the square or in a parking lot with 500 lots, located 100m from the town’s beach. The surroundings of the town boast an extensive network of walking paths and bike trails. The history of the town dates back to 1349, when the former settlement was promoted to a township by King Karel IV.

During the summer months you can use the Cyklotrans transportation system (transport of bikers with bicycles on several lines from České Budějovice down to Kvilda) or special cars of Czech Railways which transport bicycles. In winter there are groomed cross-country tracks. Skating on the frozen lake brings an unforgettable experience. Near the town there are the easily accessible ski resorts of Lipno nad Vltavou and Hochficht.


The town of Horní Planá

Phone: 380 724 410
Address: Náměstí 54,
382 26 Horní Planá
fax: 380 746 305
email: mu@horniplana.cz
web: www.horniplana.cz

Horní Planá

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