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Ktiš is located in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest. The municipality and its settlements have about 500 inhabitants. It is situated at an altitude of 762 m a.s.l. The following associations and organizations actively participate in the life of the municipality: The voluntary fire brigade, Vilém hunting association, Club of ship modellers, and last but not least, the local Sports club and Bartoloměj historical association. The countryside surrounding the municipality can be characterized by beautiful forests, undulating landscape and many small water courses. The original settlement was founded before 1369 on the site of the Zlatá koruna monastery farm.


Village Ktiš

Phone: 388 323 526
Address: Ktiš 11,
384 03 okr. Prachatice
fax: 388 323 526
email: info@ktis.cz
web: www.ktis.cz

Obec Ktiš

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