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Loučovice is a municipality with about 1,900 inhabitants, situated on the Vltava river below the Lipno dam, at an altitude of 690 m a.s.l., near the state border with Austria. The first written reference about the municipality from 1361 describes Loučovice as a liege village of the Vyšší Brod monastery. In the surroundings of the village there are interesting tourist sites. Lipno dam reservoir, which is about 3km from the municipality, is certainly amongst the most notable ones. Right on the territory of the municipality there is the Vyšebrodsko Natural Park, the natural monuments Medvědí hora, Rašeliniště Kapličky and Uhlířský vrch, and the National nature reserves Čertova stěna and Luč.


Village Loučovice

Phone: 380 748 124
Address: Loučovice 51,
382 76 Loučovice
email: starosta@loucovice.info
web: www.loucovice.info

Obec Loučovice

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