Přední Výtoň
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Přední Výtoň

The first mentions about the foundation of the municipality relate to the year 1357, when the Order of hermits of St. Pavel founded a monastery, which was later rebuilt into a church whose appearance was fairly close to its state today. Settlers from Southern Tirol came to the settlement rising on the right bank of the Vltava and began a formidable struggle with the Bohemian Forest to gain farmland. Until 1945 about 1,200 mostly German inhabitants lived there, who were displaced after the war and whole villages were demolished. The municipality was then settled by citizens of various nationalities. Today’s territory of the municipality includes the settlements of Svatý Tomáš, Frýdava and Pasečná, and almost the whole municipality is located in the Bohemian Forest Protected landscape area. Due to the fact that entry to some parts of the municipality was restricted until 1989, almost intact countryside was preserved for us. At the present time, Přední Výtoň has become a significant tourist centre, and accommodation capacities and catering services have increased, which will satisfy a wide range of visitors. There are about 200 permanent inhabitants in the municipality, but in the winter and summer seasons it is alive with hundreds of tourists. Přední Výtoň is a starting point for hikers and bikers heading to the Svatý Tomáš settlement, above which there are the ruins of the guard castle Vítkův Kámen (1053 m a.s.l.) with a lookout platform.


Village Přední Výtoň

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