Vyšší Brod
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Vyšší Brod

Vyšší Brod is the southernmost town of the Czech Republic, located about 4km from the border with Austria, in the centre of the Vyšebrodsko natural park, an extensive area that lies between the right bank of the Vltava and the state border from Horní Dvořiště to Přední Výtoň. The history of the town dates back to the beginning of the 13th century, when it rose as a marketplace on one of the oldest packhorse routes, which led through Vyšší Brod pass from Danube to Bohemia from Roman times. The first written reference can be found on the gift deed from the founder of the Vyšší Brod monastery, Mister Vok of Rožmberk, from June 1, 1259, in which he donates an extensive piece of land to the monastery with just one settlement at that time - the Vyšší Brod marketplace. The Vyšší Brod Cistercian monastery became the spiritual centre of the whole dominion of the Rožmberk family. Regents of the most important feudal line in the Czech lands also found their last resting-place in the local abbey. Thanks to its special beauty and unique cultural significance, the monastery is nowadays a national cultural monument. On the guided tour you can see fascinating indoor premises of Gothic architecture.

Even bikers will not be short done – the Bohemian Forest trunk road goes through the town and newly opened border crossings offer them to chance to “jump off” for a ride through the beautiful Austrian borderlands, Thanks to its location in the middle of forests and the proximity of Vltava river and Lipno dam, Vyšší Brod also offers many sports and recreational activities, and not only in the summer.


Town Vyšší Brod

Phone: 380 746 537
Address: Míru 250,
382 73 Vyšší Brod
fax: 380 746 305
email: podatelna@vyssibrod.cz
web: www.mestovyssibrod.cz

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