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Lipno.info - accomodation, services, infocentrum Lipno.card FAQ

Frequent questions

1. What's the validity of the Lipno.card?

This is the whole year version of the guest card, valid from 1.11.2016 to 31.10.2017. You can use its benefits and discounts at individual service providers listed in our overview of services.

2. Is there one card for the entire family, or does each family member need one?

This is a „guest card“, non-transferable and issued by name, so each member of the family needs to have one – except for kids up to 6 years old.

3. My accommodations facility is not part of the Lipno.card system – where can I get a card?

You can buy a card from our sales network for the normal price of 149 Kč.

4. Where can I buy or get the card?

The Lipno.card guest card can be found in any of our ever-growing network of sales locations.

5. How much does the Lipno.card cost, and how can I get one for free?

You can get the Lipno.card free of charge from your accommodation provider, provided that it's part of the Lipno.card system – see our list of participating accommodators, or buy one from our sales network.

Purchase price of the Lipno.card is 149 Kč.

6. How do I obtain discounts for individual services?

The Lipno.card holder can use the card for discounts and benefits as listed in the brochure by presenting the card where the service is provided. The card is accepted either by reading the bar code at the counter, or by visual inspection of the number above the bar code.

7. Where can I get an overview of the Lipno.card discounts and advantages?

An indicative list of the card's discounts and advantages is in the Lipno.card brochure, available at participating accommodation providers or at Lipno.card sales locations.

8. I lost my card, what should I do?

Contact the sales location where you received the card or the Lipno Infocentrum. The original card will be blocked and you'll receive a duplicate.

9. Will new services be added to the Lipno.card?

Yes. The system is open, and we're adding new attractive services on a regular basis. The most current overview of services is always listed in the brochure, and guests who provide their contact information when their card is issued will be regularly informed of these new services.