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Gift voucher purchase

Wondering how to please your nearest and dearest? Gift them an adventure at Lipno. In winter you can treat them to private skiing 
or snowboarding lessons with the best instructors in the Czech Republic, or invite them to ski in the top resort in the Czech Republic. In summer they will appreciate the experience of riding in an electric boat, a bit of adrenaline in the rope park or relaxation in Aquaworld Lipno.

With the special Lipno.card gift card you will additionally get all the all-year-round benefits as with the standard Lipno.card at the BARGAIN PRICE of CZK 100.

Gift voucher = Lipno.card with all-year-round discounts + your chosen package/service.

We send gift cards by mail or issue them at Lipno Infocentre (on-line order min. 3 work days in advance).

Offer of gift services/packages TOP SEASON
(May - July) a (September - October)
Adult Child* Adult Child*
Rope Park 509 CZK 509 CZK 439 CZK 439 CZK Choose your route and order an individual gift card
Bazén 180 CZK 135 CZK 180 CZK 135 CZK 2 hours
Electric Boat 2060 CZK 1790 CZK 2 hours in electric boat Sweet Water for 4 adults and 2 kids

* Child (under 15 years)
Lipno.card discounts cannot be used to buy a gift voucher.

Lanový park + jízda na kladce

Rope Park + zip ride

Set out with your whole family or friends to the Lipno Rope Park and experience a unique adventure on rope obstacles with a beautiful view of Lake Lipno . The adventure will end with a great zip ride over a part of the area.

2 hodiny v Aquaparku Lipno s překrásným výhledem na Lipno

2 hours in Aquapark Lipno with a beautiful view of Lipno

Whirlpools, wild river, waterspout, pearls and lots of fun for children, such as a slide or a water mushroom. Enjoy a great time at Aquaworld Lipno.

Hladina Lipna je vaše, Kapitáne

The surface of Lipno is yours, Captain

2 hours of adventures in the most popular electric boat, Sweet Water, for up to 4 adults and 2 children. Experience what it is like to steer a boat, and you do not need a licence for that. The boat is additionally equipped with swimming steps and a radio with a CD player.

Still not chosen from the offer?

Are you interested in a different type of service? Send us an individual inquiry.
We will gladly prepare an offer for you.



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The card will be sent with a CZK 40 additional charge to the address above (includes postage and packaging).
In case of delivery of several cards to a single address, the fee will be charged only once.


The card will be sent with a CZK 90 additional charge to the address above (includes postage and packaging).
In case of delivery of several cards to a single address, the fee will be charged only once.


Cards may be picked up at IC on the following working day after e-mail confirmation of receipt of your payment.


If you are accommodated at a contractual accommodation provider of the Lipno.card system, you will get the card for free with your stay after you arrive at the reception.
If you are still interested in the card, complete this order.

The applicant for the card from LIPENSKO s.r.o., CRN: 281 36 420, based in Lipno nad Vltavou 307, Postcode 382 78, consents to the issuing of the discount card Lipno.card. By checking the box “I agree to the terms”, the applicant for the card expresses their consent to the “General Terms & Conditions for Lipno.card holders” (“Terms”), which are shown on the other side of this request, and declares that they have read these Terms and undertake to adhere to them. At the same time, the Holder agrees to the Operator processing their personal data shown in this request under the conditions specified in the Terms, in conformity with § 5 and the following of Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on Privacy Protection, as amended.


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