Lipno for the handicapped

Lipno is an ideal destination for the handicapped. Thanks to the Lipno without barriers project, they can fully enjoy their vacation at Lipno in any season. Main goal of the project: “Lipno without barriers”, which is financially supported by the Ministry of regional development from the national programme for the support of tourism, has created new programmes for handicapped people in order to fully integrate this group of inhabitants into tourism activities in the Lipno region.

By realizing this project, LIPNO SERVIS s.r.o. is trying to fulfil its motto, which is to be a fully-fledged partner in the area of utilization of leisure time for all visitors to the Lipno region and at the same time by this activity it is rounding off its long-term preparation of the Lipno Ski resort for its use by handicapped visitors. Within the project, the creation of several programmes is planned, whose variety will enable handicapped tourists and their families to return repeatedly to Lipno throughout the year.