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Zažijte Rio na Lipně s Lipno.card

Special limited ediditon
of Lipno.card

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Lipno.card    – A card full of benefits and tips which will change your time at Lipno into a holiday full of fun. For this season we have prepared a special limited edition of the card for the 1st Olympic Park Rio-Lipno Ask for a card for yourself and your whole family at your accommodation provider to get a bonus for a family of four in the value of nearly CZK 600. Or you can buy a card at Infocentre Lipno at the great price of CZK 149 and enjoy the benefits at Lipno nad Vltavou and even around the whole of South Bohemia, which will please not only you and your children, but also your wallet.

Why buy Lipno.card

  • You will get tips for unforgettable experiences
  • You can use the card around the whole of South Bohemia
  • Every season a new range of experiences
  • You will get as a bonus with accommodation at accommodation providers in the Lipno region
  • For CZK 149 it is worth it even for just one day, can be purchased at sales points
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How does Lipno.card work?

Just show your Lipno.card to the provider of your chosen service

With some providers you can use your discount only once, with others you can use it repeatedly. The range of services that you can utilize with Lipno.card differs according to the winter and summer season.

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Zažijte Rio na Lipně s Lipno.card

Experience Rio at Lipno with Lipno.card

Special edition of Lipno.card for Olympic Park Rio-Lipno 2016

Limited edition: as a bonus at select accommodation providers at Lipno, can be purchased at the Infocentre and other sales points for CZK 149.

  • Forest Kingdom - hottest new attraction of summer 2016, – family admission fee of just CZK 690
  • Cheer in style in the new Olympic collection from ALPINE PRO -10%
  • Buy the official mascot of the Czech Olympic team-10%
  • Free local transportation with Lipno.card during Olympic Park Rio-Lipno
  • Special Brazilian menu in select restaurants and bars
  • More than 66 great benefits for adventures in Lipno nad Vltavou and around the whole Lipno region

Ask for a card for you and your whole family. You will get a bonus of CZK 600 for a family of four.

Lipno.card brochure (.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

General Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for the whole year, from November 1 to October 31
  • You can take advantage of the benefits and experiences that come with the card according to the specifications of individual services listed in the Overview of services
  • the so-called guest card is non-transferable and issued for a specific person
  • it is necessary to have a card for each family member
  • At the Infocentre at Lipno nad Vltavou
  • At any of the sales points for CZK 149
  • Option to buy the card on-line and delivery by COD
  • Make a reservation at www.lipno.info
  • Ask for the card at your accommodation provider for you and your whole family - see the list of accommodation providers
  • Or buy it at the Infocentre at Lipno nad Vltavou or any of the sales points
  • A list of sales points is available HERE
  • Another option is to order the card on-line
  • The standard price of Lipno.Card is CZK 149. The price is unified (adults/children/seniors/students)
  • A Lipno.Card holder redeems benefits and experiences listed in the brochure or on the website www.lipnocard.cz by submitting the card at the site that provides the service
  • The card is either accepted based on the bar-code using a card reader, with which the service is equipped, or by verifying the unique number located on the right above the bar-code, or just visually
  • An indicative list of benefits and adventures can be found in the Lipno.Card brochure, which you can get from the participating accommodation providers or at Lipno.Card sales points
  • A complete and up-to-date list can be found at www.lipnocard.cz
  • Contact Infocentre Lipno
  • The card will be duplicated after blocking (after submitting a document confirming purchase of the card / accommodation at a contractual accommodation provider)
  • Yes, the system is open and we are continuously adding attractive new services
  • The most up-to-date overview is always available on the website www.lipnocard.cz and guests who will provide their personal information either when the card is issued or on this website will be continuously informed of news
  • We are always very glad when we can offer you cooperation with LIPENSKO s.r.o.
  • Based on this contractual cooperation you can then provide your guests with Lipno.card as a bonus to the accommodation at your reception
  • Please contact Infocentre LIPNO. Thank you