Ice skates

Lipno Ice Expressway

Skating on the frozen surface of Lipno Lake is one of our most popular winter activities for visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Lipno Lake is our largest body of water and typically freezes over from December to March. Once the ice reaches a safe thickness (about 18 cm), a regularly-maintained skating track is established between the villages of Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk, measuring almost 11 km.

Our skate hire shop, Intersport Rent – Kapitanát is located directly at the trailhead of the skating track, at Marina Lipno harbour.

We offer more than 80 pairs of skates for children, women, and men.

Our skates are sharpened regularly, and disinfection and drying after every hire is guaranteed.

Regular grinding, disinfecting and drying skates after every loan is granted.


  1h 2h 3h 4h 5h 6h
Adults 95 Kč 130 Kč 155 Kč 175 Kč 195 Kč 240 Kč
Childern up to 6 95 Kč 130 Kč 155 Kč 175 Kč 195 Kč 240 Kč
Childern up to 15 75 Kč 100 Kč 115 Kč 130 Kč 145 Kč 160 Kč