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  • Intersport Rent Lipno - Chata Lanovka

Service description

- because only well-serviced skis/snowboards will guarantee your safety and fun on the slopes

We service all performance categories (recreational, athletic, and racing):

  • basic (linear), racing (broken and screw) structures
  • complex angling and tuning of edges (constant and radial)
  • binding installation and adjustment with certification
  • specialised repairs (gouges in the base, edge, etc.)

Our service technicians draw on their extensive experience and use modern servicing MONTANA brand equipment from Switzerland.

And what’s more, you can find our service facility right in the Lipno Ski Complex, part of the Intersport Rent hire service – Chata Lanovka chalet. So if you feel that your skis are not functioning as you’d like, bring them to us (perhaps during your lunch break) and we will take care of them. You'll be ready to set off for new adventures before you know it. :-)


Price list

  Standard price with Lipno.card
Small ski service up to 140 cm 440 CZK 374 CZK
Big ski service up to 140 cm 650 CZK 553 CZK
Small ski service 580 CZK 493 CZK
Big ski service 780 CZK 663 CZK
Racing ski service 1 1 020 CZK 867 CZK
Racing lyžařský service 2 1 170 CZK 995 CZK
Edge grinding 360 CZK 306 CZK
Mounting of ski bindings 340 CZK 289 CZK
Mounting of ski bindings with a board 400 CZK 340 CZK
Dismounting ski bindings 100 CZK 85 CZK
Release force setting of ski bindings 180 CZK 153 CZK
Ski waxing 210 CZK 179 CZK
  Standard price with Lipno.card
Small snowboard service - sanding belt 520 CZK 442 CZK
Small snowboard service 650 CZK 553 CZK
Big snowboard service - sanding belt 780 CZK 663 CZK
Big snowboard service 920 CZK 782 CZK
Racing snowboard service 2 1 170 CZK 995 CZK
Edge grinding 380 CZK 323 CZK
Snowboard waxing 270 CZK 230 CZK
  Standard price with Lipno.card
Small cross-country ski service 420 CZK 357 CZK
Big cross-country ski service 570 CZK 485 CZK
Racing cross-country ski service 710 CZK 604 CZK
Mounting of cross-country ski bindings 240 CZK 204 CZK
Dismounting of cross-country bindings 80 CZK 68 CZK
  Standard price with Lipno.card
Base cutting up to 20 sqcm 240 CZK 204 CZK
Base cutting more than 20 sqcm 440 CZK 374 CZK
Special work - for each commenced hour 360 CZK 306 CZK

Prices are in CZK including VAT

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