Hořice na Šumavě
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Hořice na Šumavě

Hořice na Šumavě is situated in an altitude of 620m a.s.l., on the border of the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area. Archaeological finds show evidence of settlement in the area as far back as 1400 BC. The history of the municipality dates back to the second half of the 13th century. The first written reference about Hořice dates back to 1272. Currently, it has 810 inhabitants. Hořice na Šumavě is an urban monument zone with 27 protected objects (the church, houses on the square, a system of 7 fountains and a pillory). Since 1816 Passion plays have been held in Hořice. You can learn about the history of the municipality and the passion plays in the museum on the square or during a walk along an educational trail. The Fairy-Tale Reserve is also worth visiting – more at www.pohadkovarezervace.cz.


Village Hořice na Šumavě

Phone: 380 737 101
Address: Hořice na Šumavě 6,
382 22 Hořice na Šumavě
fax: 380 737 101
email: info@horicenasumave.cz
web: www.horicenasumave.cz

Hořice na Šumavě

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