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Nová Pec

Nová Pec, formerly a lumberjack settlement, the history of which is closely tied to the felling and processing of timber, nowadays a recreational municipality, lies at an altitude of 750m a.s.l. There are about 600 inhabitants in seven settlements. There are many historical and tourist attractions in the surroundings of the municipality, which is why this area attracts lots of visitors. Notable historical monuments include the cultural monument of “St. Anne’s Church” with an old German cemetery in the Pěkná settlement, and a unique technical monument is the Schwarzenberg canal. It is a unique waterworks of European significance, connecting the basins of the Vltava and Danube rivers.


Village Nová Pec

Phone: 388 336 029
Address: Nové Chalupy 43,
384 62 Nová Pec
fax: 388 336 024

Obec Nová Pec

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