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Family lessons

  • Private tuition for small groups of 3 or more people
  • Minimum age of participants is 6 years of age
  • Adult participation is not mandatory
  • Free ski pass for the time of each family lesson
  • Have fun learning with your loved ones
  • Experience your child´s first downhill run
  • Individualised teaching for your family
  • Most suitable for clients at a similar snowboard level
  • Premium service - request a specific instructor

Lessons language

Our instructors can speak multiple foreign languages; however, we cannot guarantee the mother language of each. We usually assign instructors able to speak the mother language to the groups of youngest children. Instructors for Family lessons can speak English and usually know the basic phrases and commands in the language of the client. Advantage of the family lesson is that one of the clients can be a translator for the rest of the group.

  • Czech – native language of our instructors,
  • English – most of the instructors can speak fluent English,
  • German – a few instructors can speak fluent German. Some instructors know the main orders needed for teaching in German.
  • Dutch – fluent speaking instructors are very rare and we assign them to the groups of youngest children. Many instructors know the main Dutch orders and use them in combination with English or German.
  • Russian – Russian speaking instructors are very rare, German or English is mainly used for Russian speaking clients.

Times of family lessons

  • 2 lessons last 105 minutes and start daily at 9 am, 11 am and 1.30 pm.
  • 4 lessons last 105 + 105 minutes and take place daily 9 – 10.45 am + 1.30 – 3.15.
  • 2 lessons on evening skiing last 120 minutes and start daily at 6 pm.


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Before teaching

  • You will arrive 30 minutes (20 minutes at the latest) before the planned start of the first lesson to the counter of Skischool Lipno. You can find us together with Intersport Rent in a red building “Restaurace Lanovka” right next to the main parking, enter through the Instersport shop. You will pay all your bookings or you will order the lesson. It is recommended to arrive about 1 hour before the start of the first lesson in case that you rent the equipment from Intersport Rent.
  • You will receive all information about the lesson and a vest for your children with a name tag on the counter.
  • Please prepare the family members for the lesson (be ready 5 minutes before the start of the lesson):
    • Dress yourself appropriately according to the current weather conditions. Trousers and gloves should be waterproof - children often sit on the snow
    • Take along sun or ski goggles
    • Helmet is an obligatory part of every child's equipment and it is highly recommended for each rider
    • Put on snowboard boots
    • Make sure that you have a suitable, well-set snowboard
  • You will meet your instructor 3 minutes before the start of the lesson. The meeting point is between the main parking and Fox Park (at the purple flag “FAMILY”).
  • You will discuss with your instructor the snowboard level of the members and the target of the lesson.

In the teaching

  • Each lesson begins with a warming up and stretching with the instructor in the training area next to Fox Park.
  • Beginners learn their first steps on snowboard, the correct riding position or stopping with one leg in binding “a scooter”. After the safe stop in the scooter, they can leave the training area and go down the easy blue slope.
  • Advanced snowboarders will show their skills to the instructor. If they can stop and know the basics of the turning, they can go to the slope.
  • During the teaching, the level of members may vary. In this case, the instructor adapts to the weakest family member and assigns tasks and exercises to others.
  • Participants of private or family lesson do not need any ski pass for the time of the lesson, instructor opens the gate of the chairlift.
  • In case that the lesson takes place on the slope, the easy blue slope (towards the lake) is used first. It connects smoothly to our private ski slope where there is plenty of room for training. Once the blue slope is safely managed, the other side of the area is used where the slopes are steeper, suitable for advanced riders.
  • The instructor terminates the lesson at the meeting point, where it has started. He evaluates the lesson and tells to the parents about the next steps.

After teaching

  • Return the vest back to the counter.
  • Book more lessons with the same instructor
  • Perform (voluntarily) a home assignment that the instructor recommended for the next lesson ☺

Price list for online booking

  3 persons extra person
  Book online Book online
105 min
from 9/13:30
4 624 CZK 1 122 CZK
105 min
from 11
5 100 CZK 1 207 CZK
105 + 105 min
from 9 + 13:30
7 565 CZK 1 624 CZK
105 + 105 min
from 11 + 14:30
9 724 CZK 2 329 CZK
120 min
from 18
4 624 CZK 1 122 CZK

Standard price

  3 persons extra person
105 min
from 9/13:30
5 440 CZK 1 320 CZK
105 min
from 11
6 000 CZK 1 420 CZK
105 + 105 min
from 9 + 13:30
8 900 CZK 1 910 CZK
105 + 105 min
from 11 + 14:30
11 400 CZK 2 740CZK
120 min
from 18
5 440 CZK 1 320 CZK
* another person at the tuition with the same instructor
Surcharge 10% at the request of a particular instructor
The cost of the lesson includes rides on the chairlift (opening gate by instructor).

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