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Terms and conditions

INTERSPORT RENT Lipno General Terms & Conditions

  • The Client can rent sports equipment (bikes, e-bikes, powerboats, electroboats, sailingboats, inline skates and accessories) for a rental period agreed in the rental contract. The rental contract will be signed by the Client to confirm that said sport equipment was accepted for use by the Client. The text of the rental contract is shown on the front side of this document. The present terms and conditions constitute an integral part thereof. No third parties can use the rented sports equipment.
  • A rental contract is only effective if rental is paid for the agreed period of use (hereinafter referred as “Rental Price”). Rental prices are based on the pricelist available in the Rental (hereinafter referred as “Pricelist”). The Client hereby warrants they know and understand and accept the pricelist as above stated. Rental Price will be paid before accepting sports equipment for use.
  • The Client will return all rental equipment to the shop by the agreed date and time. It will be clean with reasonable wear and tear that occurs as a result of using the equipment for its intended purpose during the rental period.
  • If the agreed rental period of sports equipment is exceeded, the Client undertakes to pay the Rental Price according to the Pricelist for the time of use exceeding the rental period as agreed.
  • If sports equipment is returned before the agreed date, pro-rata refunds on Rental Price will not be given to the Client.
  • The Client will prevent any loss or theft of sports equipment while being in his/her possession. If sports equipment is lost or stolen, or in case of any other event where as a result, the Client is unable to return sports equipment to the Owner, the Client will compensate all damages incurred by the Owner.
  • If sports equipment, or any part thereof is damaged due to the Client’s negligence, the Client will fully compensate the Owner for damages, i.e. especially costs associated with restoration of sports equipment, or any part thereof according to the service pricelist. Also, the Client will fully indemnify the Owner in respect of any damage if damage to sports equipment, or any part thereof is caused by wilful misconduct of the Client.
  • If sports equipment, or any part thereof is completely destroyed, the Client will compensate the Owner at the amount equal to the residual value of sports equipment, or its unusable part.
  • Rules for the use of sports equipment: The Client will only use sports equipment for its intended purpose and prevent damage resulting from any situation which could have been foreseen. Sports equipment will be returned free of heavy soiling.
  • The Owner reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions.
  • By signing these general terms and conditions, the Client confirms they have read and understand the text of the rental contract as well as the text of these general terms and conditions and they have no reservations thereabout.
  • The Client agrees that the Owner may obtain machine-readable data from his/her identity card or passport, namely as follows: name, surname, date of birth, number and type of the identity document, and the expiration of the identity document for the purpose of further processing under Section 17 hereof.
  • The Client recognizes their personal data provided to the Owner on the date of the rental contract may be processed by the Owner under Section 5 Para. 2 Letter b) of the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “PDPA”), or the relevant provisions of the legal instrument superseding PDPA for the purpose of identification of the Client as a party to the rental contract and to ensure fulfilment of obligations of the Parties under the rental contract for the time necessary for processing thereof. In case of online reservation, the Client recognizes that personal data provided to the Owner for online booking may later be processed by the Owner under Section 5 Para. 2 Letter b) of PDPA, or the relevant provisions of the legal instrument superseding PDPA to negotiate a contract proposed by the Client as the data subject for the time necessary for processing thereof. The Owner undertakes to process personal data in compliance with PDPA, or the superseding law. By signing the rental contract or completion of online booking, the Client confirms they are informed about all obligations of the Owner as the personal data administrator within the meaning of PDPA, and all other facts the Owner as the administrator must communicate to the Client. In particular, the Client has the right to access and change their personal data. If the Client suspects the Owner is processing their personal data contrary to the protection of private and personal life, or contrary to law, in particular where personal data are inaccurate with respect to the purpose of processing, the Client may seek an explanation and request the Owner to remedy such fault. In particular, blocking, changes, additions or disposal of personal data. If the Client's request is legitimate by proof, the Owner will immediately remedy the fault. If other than property damage is caused by processing personal data, compensation may be claimed in accordance with the Civil Code.
  • Clients of the rental shop recognize the Owner can take pictures of clients or capture clients on video and audio records in the rental shop on the occasion of various events. Clients agree that such pictures and video or audio records (hereinafter referred to as “Records”) will be free of charge. Further, they agree the Owner can at no cost publish Records (e.g. photographs) showing clients to promote and advertise its business, exclusively on the following websites www.lipnoservis.cz, www.skiareallipno.cz, zima.lipnoservis.cz, www.lipno.info, www.activeparklipno.cz, www.lipnoservis.cz, www.stezkakorunamistromu.cz, www.campinglipno.cz and on the Facebook profiles of Skiareál Lipno, Active park Lipno, Camping Lipno Modřín, or in any printed publicity material published by the Owner to this end and distributed to third parties. The list of publicity materials where Records can be published is available from the Owner's marketing department.

In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with the purchase contract / service contract between the Provider/Seller/Owner and the Client having the status of a consumer which the parties fail to settle by mutual contract, the consumer may file a petition for extrajudicial settlement of such dispute to an alternative dispute resolution entity, namely the

Inspection Authority
Central Inspectorate – ADR Department
Štěpánská 15
120 00 Prague 2
Email: adr@coi.cz
Web: adr.coi.cz
The consumer can use the online dispute resolution (ODR) platform developed by the European Commission at ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

These general terms and conditions will become effective as of December 1, 2017.

Petr Kovářík – jednatel

Petr Kovářík – Managing Director

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